Friday, June 25, 2010

Love sick...

Click on the play button to see my latest antics
I have lost 200 pounds and I have the SPS worried. She says my behavior has become obsessive and unhealthy. You saw the video-does this look obsessive to you? Yes that is what I do all day, but so what? Yes I do that all night, at least I understand dedication. The Cow Boss complained that I kept him up all night with my whinnying for earplugs if it bothers you.
Whinny is the first horse that I have liked. I have always preferred to be alone, I didn't want any other horses in my pasture and could care less if they wanted to sniff noses. I am not to sure how to act and I want her to know I am serious. The humans say I am like a stalker, I say I am just dedicated to my quest.
It seems that I have gone to far. My lady love has been moved to the far side of the ranch. I can't see her and now I am really disturbed. The SPS says I will get over it and that I should talk to my other neighbor. She promised me a grooming session and play time in the arena-like that matters.
Well I am going to work on regaining my royal demeanor and make amends to the Cow Boss. The SPS is giving me extra treats so I will not get too skinny.

Tue ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito (Yield not to misfortunes, but advance all the more boldly against them)


  1. Have you thought of putting some vicks or some other monthol on his nose to mask /confuse his sense of smell.I have done that whrn my young stud got aobssesive about a mare in heat way too early in the year . Maybe if he can't pick up her scent he will settle more quickly . Poor Sir Darby!

  2. Sir Darby, there are anti-stalking laws. Give it up, buddy. This can't end well because -- and forgive me for being the one to have to break this to you -- psst, you're a gelding. You may have convinced Whinny otherwise, but, there it is.

  3. Fernvalley I am using lavendar oil on his nose to help sooth him and give him something else to smell, the mare isn't even in heat-go figure