Monday, June 21, 2010

Loosing weight

I have been loosing weight, I am having trouble eating because I am busy fretting. I have been fretting about my lady looking at the scrawny appy across the way, now things are worse. His royal blingness is back and he is ensconced in the pasture next to me. Now I can't tell if my lady is looking at me or Sir Spotty Butt. I pace, I pin my ears at any possible suitors, and I keep my ladies attention-it is hard work and I am dropping weight. The SPS has been giving me my grain, I can hardly eat it I am so busy. She assure me that I look much better now that I have been working out, she says my tighter tummy makes me look younger. She also says I need a JOB to distract me...I don't think so, I am working plenty hard right now. She mentioned that I might need to pony Jack around so he can get his trotting in. I pony Sir Spotty Butt, I will also give him a swift kick if he turns his eye to my lady while I am doing it.

Tue ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito (Yield not to misfortunes, but advance all the more boldly against them)

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