Sunday, February 21, 2010

A king among peasants

My name is Sir Darby and I am a king among peasants. I am nulli secundus (Second to none).
I once lived in a fancy barn, lived a pampered life, and was not subjected to living with peasant horses. Now I live in a pasture, I am subjected to mud, and I have to smell cows.
This is the story of how a king adjusts to living the life of a regular horse while maintaining his regal nature.
Along the way I hope to teach the peasants about the finer things in life.
I have adopeted a new life motto for tolerating life in this lowly place: tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito (Yield not to misfortunes, but advance all the more boldly against them)


  1. Appy & Perch? You might be related to my Poco! He would be the black sheep of your family.

  2. Welcome to the blog world Sir Darby.You are a very beautiful King and I am looking forward to visiting with you.
    ♥♥ Love and Hugs ♥♥