Thursday, June 23, 2011

Swollen ankles

This is a photo of my hind legs. As you can see my ankles and fetlocks are usually nicely shaped. The SPS moved me to a large pasture hoping that I would make friends with Tahkoe...I didn't. But I did fall in love with He of the Spotty Butt's sister Dandi. She is sweeeeet. Zen the snooty Lipizzaner thinks he owns her and all the other mares in his pasture. He is mistaken, all the mares are smitten by my royal self. I have been spending most of my days for the past week courting all the mares, especially Dandi. Did I mention she is spicy? Well it seems I have been running the fence line too much and aggravated my hinds. They are swollen and sore, sore enough that I am not doing so much showing off. The SPS is going to start tucking me into a paddock at night and giving me extra joint supplements. She also told me that I need to learn to strut my stuff and not run around like a mad man. I heard mention of a cold hosing to help with the swelling, I hate getting hosed...I guess I will behave.
Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito (Yield not to misfortunes, but advance all the more boldly against them)

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  1. Passion is worth swollen ankles. Just my opinion.